Baby, you’re gonna be a STAR

Each week our dedicated clinic escorts suit up in our bright orange shirts and face the folks who target our clinic for harassment. Many of our regular anti-choice protesters appear to be harmless as they line the sidewalk praying, but don’t be fooled, standing on either side of the sidewalk and thrusting pamphlets with lies and gruesome imagery into the hands of passersby is a tactic used by anti-choice protesters to intimidate patients. We call it walking the The Gauntlet. These protesters are here week in and week out.

Other times, roving bands of extremist anti-choice protesters stop at our clinic and cause general mayhem for the duration of their action. Both groups of protesters are threatening in their own way and are deserving of our diligent photo documentation of their harmful activities; not all protesters appreciate when we follow them around with our cameras (as demonstrated by the one protester  who complained to us that it was very intimidating to have a stranger following them and that there are laws against stalking and harassment….that happened in real life), but  the traveling protesters actually really like having their picture taken, and we are happy to oblige. Here are a few moving pictures that show pretty clearly how threatening these protesters are.



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